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February 23, 2006



I´m sorry Heidi, but that album doesn´t exist.


The answer is A.

If I recall correctly you met with her and had a lovely chat but you did not have tea. In fact, back then you did not even LIKE tea.

We all know Julio kissed you on the nose at the Miami airport and called you the cutest little girl. I on the other hand did not get a kiss, I must definitely be a troll.

AND we all know you recorded vocals on the Tropical Sweet Caribe album with Mr. Arthur when you were about 16 right? I can hear it now, I said I loved you bei-bei, I love you just the way you aaaaaaaaaaaaare. Wasn't it played on the Teleton 20-30?


Now I am all nervous that it was a trick question and I screwed up!!!


the gorum says it's a trick!

Salsa Album??


Ahh ha! I totally screwed up Austin there! It's the tea thing, right? Am I right? What'd I win?


Dear Lord. If Michelle is not sure ... Then nobody could get it at that dinner if it wasn´t just by chance (1 in 3, 33% is a lot.)

By the way, Michelle, you are not a troll. I think you are the cutest girl now.



1) I did in fact have tea with Julie Andrews. It's true I didn't like tea in those days, but if Julie Andrews offered you tea would you say no? I don't think so!

2) LIE: Julio Iglesias did not kiss me, he merely pinched my nose

3) This is true. I recorded a salsa album with a band called Tropical Sweet Caribe when I was about 15 or 16 years old. We only sold about 160 copies on vinyl!

Michelle Arias

He totally KISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't Mom always say that?

I've been thinking what amazing weird facts about my life I could use to confuse people and I can't think of any!!!!

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